Night-time Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry: How to Glow in the Dark?

Breaking news, wholesale marcasite jewelry is back big time! Wearing the most beautiful pieces at night time is the best; jewelry was made to make you shine. Although, like everything in life, if you abuse wholesale marcasite jewelry glow you will have the opposite effect. This is why you need to read this article about how to wear your night-time glow perfectly. Read on, follow these tips and let everyone around you know who the star of the night is.

Your Hands First: Rings and Bracelets

Starting with your hands will set the mood for the rest of the pieces. Depending on your hands, you can choose different styles of wholesale marcasite jewelry:

  • Women with long, thin fingers – If you have a piano-player hand, then you can put a little more into them. For example, you can dress them with more than one ring per hand. Your fingers can take the extra load. As for bracelets, you should combine them in the same color. Wholesale marcasite jewelry is the hottest trend in the season and you can get a matching pair. 
  • Women with short hands – If your hands and fingers are a little short, you have to keep it minimal. One ring per hand is enough; you can even trim it down to one ring for both hands. Again, wholesale marcasite jewelry with a very thin bracelet can make it shine through even more.

Then the Ears: Earrings

Once the mood is set with your hands, you can move forward to the face and start with the earrings. This is a decision to make: will you wear long or short earrings? This is a decision you should make based on your personal taste but also the shape of your face. Women with a rounder face should go for long earrings while longer faces can go for both. Now, the tricky part is the combination. If you are wearing, let´s say, wholesale marcasite jewelry with turquoise in the hand, you should repeat in the face. 

Wholesale marcasite jewelry is also very trendy in earrings. Since it is a very malleable material, you can buy amazing shapes and combine them. Animals such as owls became hot to wear this season, so don´t be afraid to go wild. As long as you respect the combination of materials and colors, sky is the limit.

Finally the Neck: Necklaces

No outfit would be finished if you don´t wear a beautiful necklace. This piece of jewelry has more to do with the clothing you are wearing than the others. For example, if you are wearing a dress that has a high neck, don´t wear nothing too loaded. Same thing goes for shirts; it looks very odd to have too much going on in the same spot. In these cases, go for a thin chain of wholesale marcasite jewelry with a small or no pendant hanging from it. On the other hand, if you wear your neck free and uncovered feel free to load it a little more. A thick marcasite necklace with a complex design might be a great choice. Since marcasite is so easy to mold, you can have an extravagant model and let it shine.

Consider also that if your earrings are long and your necklace too loaded, you´ll be wearing too much. 

Don´t Forget the Watch!

This is a vital part of your outfit: never forget to wear a classy wholesale marcasite jewelry watch. It is good to know the time without putting your cellphone out of your purse, but it has to look great. If your wrists are small and you want to look classy go for a thin, small watch. It should match the overall mood, so a marcasite intricate design could be the perfect choice. If your wrists are not so small, you can choose either a thin or a thick watch and go with it.

You Can Get a Jewelry Set

Few things are as classy as a jewelry set. If you match perfectly your earrings with your pendant, you´ll be sober, classy and luxurious. Wholesale marcasite jewelry can make the difference with an intricate design and give it that extra touch.


Wearing jewelry at night is to wear it for what it was designed. Follow these simple tips, embrace the marcasite trend and shine all night while dancing under the stars.